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It's a never-ending nightmare... - James

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December 12th, 2007

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06:24 pm - It's a never-ending nightmare...
I've decided that I really can't bear to write any more of my past months. What has been is over now. One day I may reveal what really happened, may delve into the soul and explore what happens to it when it is wrenched apart by the most absolute despair...

But today Alex's fiancée's best friend spent the day at our house. Cecilia, her name is, Alex's fiancée. It was the most hideous experience of my life. Now this girl, Izzie, is the absolute epitome of everything I hate about the human race. If those stories I have told before described the great beauty you can find in humanity, then this story will revel in the ugliness of our species.

I met Izzie for the first time last year, at a dinner for Alex's birthday. We were at a nice restaurant, there was fairly noisy chatter from every table, and the splosh of wine into glasses provided the orchestra to this choir of laughing patrons. I was happily chatting to a group of people, regailing them with some incredibly interesting tale I am sure, when I see a woman walk through the door. Red nails clutched a tacky purse, straw-straightened, burgundy-coloured hair scratched at her bare shoulders, flimsy, cheap material brushed against her bottom, in a fashion that would have been revealing, had not her underwear already been revealed by the transparency of her garment. She stalked through the restaurant in slut-red heels, and heads turned as she passed. I presume she mistook the looks of repulsion for something a little more flattering.
I look around the room, and wondered to which table she could belong, but none seemed to fit. But to my utter disgust, it was our table she eventually stopped at, running towards Cecilia and flinging her naked arms around her neck.
"Cessy!" She screeched in a harsh and grating tone, my ears flinching at this aural assault.
She plonked herself onto a chair and the symphony was thus spoiled. For, during the rest of the evening all I could hear were her shrill interventions, her vacuous screeches, and her increasingly drunken slurring onto Alex. We were both unimpressed, but he of course couldn't say anything, she being the best friend of his girlfriend.

We all went to a bar after that, drank a little, you know how these things go. A group of people in our early twenty-somethings, trying hard to avoid the reality of growing old, and dreading the day when we will be too old to dance drunkenly with a glass of vodka in our hand.

I was sitting on a sofa, watching some people dance, and the world was swaying a little with my imbibition. I was content. Until Izzie decided to 'cheer me up'. She staggered up to me, piercing my foot with her heels, and my ears with her voice.
"James, James, dance with us!" She yelled, trying to drag me onto the floor. I politely refused, saying that I preferred to sit and watch for the moment, being a little drunk. This lecherous whore would not however, take no for an answer.
"James! Come on! Dance!!" She tried to pull me again, and I resisted. Whether it was her drunkenness, the opposing force to my resistance, or the outcome of her own machinations, she fell sprawling into my lap, and before I knew what was happening, this wanton woman was clambering over me, her shamelessness revealed to all, and she was sucking the modesty from my lips. I could not escape her iron grip as she squirmed herself into me and smeared her slut onto my face. Eventually she rolled away, her dress rolling away from her body as she did so, and slurred her way to the bar. And I ran.

I haven't seen her since, as I actively avoided it, rushing to Sydney whenever the possibility of my seeing her has ever arisen unavoidably. But today, she came over to discuss wedding plans. I opened the door, expecting just Cecilia, but instead I saw that woman I knew well standing behind a woman I well wish that I didn't know.

"James!" She screeched, as my heart sunk. "I haven't seen you for so long!"
"Izzie." I stood back from the door and let them in. "Cess." I gave the happy fiancée a hug. Cecilia started down the corridor to find Alex, and Izzie hung back to talk to me. She was wearing something similar to the last time I had seen her, just a differently coloured version of it. Sensing danger I mumbled something about the living room being down the hall, and rushed to my room, using the lock for the first time in an eternity.

I could not escape that easily though...at lunch, and then dinner, I was forced to endure her bedroom eyes fluttering in my direction, her lack of wit and intelligence being forced into conversation in an attempt to impress me. I felt sickened.

I managed to survive, but it's not over yet. Not only will I have to see her more as this engagement continues, but she is in my house this very minute. Cecilia is staying over tonight, everyone had a little too much wine at dinner. Izzie can't sense how unwelcome she is, and well maybe she has a plan for my seduction tonight. But she is in the living room with the happy couple. I am staying in my room, and I am locking the door. Sydney is looking very attractive right now...
Current Location: a prisoner in my own room
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Date:December 12th, 2007 11:34 am (UTC)
She sounds awful
(Deleted comment)
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Date:December 14th, 2007 02:24 pm (UTC)
yeah - that was what I thought - as long as I didn't have to talk to her after.... or before.... or during.... or ... EVER... :D

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